Refund policy

Q: How can I replace / recover a damaged product?
A: Our comrades in customer service will be happy to guide you about this via the customer service available in our application “anayati” or by e-mail.

Provided that the replaced / returned product is in its original condition and original packaging and has not been used, opened or changed packaging features of the product.

Q: How long is the replacement period for a damaged product?
A: You can exchange / replace the damaged product within 7 days of the purchase.

Q: How long does the replacement / return process take for a damaged product?
A: We work hard to please you, it may take up to 10 business days for the replacement / refund process.

Q: In the refund process, how can I get a refund of the amount I paid?
A: The amount is refunded after the damaged product reaches us and the condition is confirmed, and then the amount is transferred to your account immediately.

Q: In the replacement process, what steps have been taken about this?
A: When you want to replace the damaged product, and choose the replacement product, we request that you transfer the amount of the difference between the damaged product and the replacement product.